If I’ve learnt one thing…

If I’ve learnt one thing…

…from starting this blog, it’s that I’m pretty rubbish at keeping it up. To be honest, I think it’s a mixture of a small but rather significant issue of a job, but also because I never feel I have anything worth blogging about. I don’t feel I can blog solely about educational issues because it’s not the only thing going on in my life. As a matter of fact, education isn’t prominent in my life at all yet, it’s only there because I read and find out about current topics off my own back. 

One thing I did kind of want to talk about though, is my hatred of the snobbery that comes with University, which I think is one of the things that put me off going in the first place. I HATE how people assume they’re better than you because they are at university and you’re not. I couldn’t count the amount of times I’ve felt this ( maybe because I didn’t go to university and therefore am not academic enough?)

I distinctly remember going out for a few drinks about a year ago and meeting some of my boyfriend’s uni friends. I was working at the time I had decided not to go to Uni. I made polite conversation and asked them about their course, and some of it was actually quite interesting. When conversation turned to me I explained I had a full time job to which, and I’m not lying, they both exchanged confused expressions and said “doing what?” I told them I was a receptionist and worked in an office, yet the confused expression remained. No matter what I said they couldn’t comprehend the fact that someone would leave 6th Form or College and not go onto University.

I felt quite annoyed after meeting them and their uncalled for reaction. They made me feel less than them, and that they looked down on me. Even when I explained it was an NVQ and good life experience, they basically made me feel stupid and worthless. This only lasted a few hours before I brushed it off, but I know other people feel that way and it really annoys me.

I think the attitude of 6th Forms are largely to blame for this reaction. I was pressured so much to go to university, and wasn’t provided support or given advice on any other path. I distinctly remember telling one of my teachers I had withdrawn my application and them lecturing me on how I had ruined my life. I remember feeling so uncomfortable and awkward, and thinking “you’re my teacher, shouldn’t you be advising me?”

Another anecdote; I studied Performance Studies as an A Level. This combined practical elements of performance with two written papers. Trust me, the written papers are not to be underestimated. They were actually the most complex and difficult written papers I did during my A Levels. Luckily after hours or practice and a re-take I managed to get a A in the written element.

I did the course with 4 other people. One of them was one of the most creative, talented and versatile performers I’ve ever worked with. But there was one thing, and he wouldn’t mind me saying so; he wasn’t highly academic and therefore struggled with the written element. It was because of this that despite being the best performer out of all of us, his grade wasn’t the highest.

It’s not such a tale of woe, as he’s now working doing exactly what he loves and has had the last laugh. But I just hate how a letter on a piece of paper can define someone and how someone an view them. Just because he hasn’t gone on to further education it doesn’t make him a failure or any less of a person and certainly not “stupid”.

You’re probably reading this and thinking “why is she going to university then?” It’s because I’ve found a passion that I’m ready to pursue and to do this I have to go to university. This however doesn’t mean university can instantly catapult someone to superiority. There are plenty of people doing just fine without it. And these people should not be looked down on.

I certainly won’t be strutting round thinking I’m better than everyone because of it.

And you can hold me to that…


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