The Final Countdown…

The Final Countdown…

Ok, so the title of this post may seem a little cliche, but this is genuinely how I’m feeling at the moment. It’s two days until I start my first day as a trainee teacher. And although that thought may make me feel kind of nauseous, I’m so excited!

It seems so long ago that I made the decision to come back and do this but in reality it’s a little over a year. I’ve filled that time gaining more work experience (and money, which can’t be ignored!) and worked with some great people, but it was all leading up to this. 

I’ve made the very brave and possibly insane decision to hand in my notice on my job. I know so many students study and work but I really want to focus all my efforts on my studies and want any free time I do get to be just that: free time. Plus, if I’m being honest with myself, I think I’ll need that little extra time to get adjusted to academic work again. I can barely write a paragraph at the moment without feeling as though I need a hand transplant…

So this is it, last blog post as a non-student and trainee teacher. it’s also my first blog post in months…I’m aware of this. Hopefully soon I’ll have more things to blog about…

Here’s to induction week!


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