7. Thinking Myself

7. Thinking Myself

I’m going to do something slightly different now and talk about something that isn’t just for iPad owners!! This website is called “Thinking Myself” and is available online, for free. This website is incorporates a series of tutorials which guide the user through many different concepts within computing, but relating them to more everyday situations. It basically is to get children thinking in a logical way, getting them in the mind-set to code and solve problems.

A great feature of this is the use of computational terminology, for example abstraction, decomposition, patterns, algorithms etc. I love the way in which it compares everyday situations to computing processes, as this will help children realise the relevance of computing in everyday life.

You are guided through the tutorials by a helpful (if not a little scary) cartoon girl called “Kiki”. The interface is very pink and purple, which makes me think generally it may appeal more to girls. It’s a generalisation that girls tend to need more persuading when it comes to computers, so perhaps this could be a way in from KS2?

My reservation with this is th

Find Thinking Myself here: http://games.thinkingmyself.com/


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