8. Kodable

8. Kodable


I’ve totally neglected my blog again I know, but I’ve been so busy! I’ve been working on and consequently submitting another lot of assignments and started planning and prepping for my next batch. I’ve also been immersed into the world of foundation subjects this term, taking on PE, History, DT, Art and Design, MFL, Geography and RE! It’s been crazy, but great to get a flavour of the subjects that perhaps are pushed into the background a bit. It’s made me realise though how important each of them are in their own right and I’ve gained some great ideas for teaching them. 

I’m determined to get to my target of ten computing app reviews however, so here is number 8. I feel much more prepared to write these now as I took the plunge and bought myself an iPad mini! I am absolutely in love with it and may do a blog post in the future on its features and how I use it for my studies and everyday life.

So, the next app I’m going to review is Kodable. Kodable is available from iTunes as a free download. It can be used as an introduction to problem solving and basic programming concepts.

The app uses a loose narrative to guide children through creating instructions learning concepts such as loops and debugging. The concepts some may consider difficult initially are sneakily disguised within the narrative so children won’t be put off. There are little characters called the “fuzzFamily” which children will love, and with the option of unlocking and moving up levels it is something they can progress through.

The interface is colourful and appealing and all the different little “fuzzes” are adorable. I think despite its simpler concept, Kodable can be used from the beginning of KS1 to introduce children to important concepts of programming such as algorithms and other logical thinking processes. It could be used as a great basis for teaching computing.

Kodable are active on Twitter and are great at replying and responding to any questions or comments. You can find them at @kodable

Have you used Kodable with your class, and how much of a success was it?


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