“Miss Bartlett?!”

“Miss Bartlett?!”

If I had a pound for every time I’ve heard a child shout “Miss!!??” or “Miss Bartlett??!!” in the past month and a bit, I could probably afford another holiday this year. I’ve been on placement since mid May, in a large primary school about a 40 minute drive from home. I’m in Year 4 and I have to say…I am absolutely loving it.

I know I’ve said it before and it sounds so cliched, but it has seriously reaffirmed how much I want this career! No-one can say I don’t understand the realities of teaching now; I have seen exactly what a teacher goes through on a daily basis. Yet, I’m not put off. As far as I’m concerned, the positives far outweigh the negatives.

I’ve tried hard on this placement to get as real an experience as possible. I’ve said “yes” to everything that’s been asked and offered myself up many a random task. I’ve been in school before 8 each morning and rarely got home before half 5. I’ve spent my breaktimes either marking books, preparing for upcoming lessons or out on playground duty with the children. I’ve gone to after school clubs (I am officially setting up a Glee Club in whatever school I’m in when I graduate- amazing!) and generally used the 5 weeks I’ve been given to further myself. I can’t deny that there have been mornings where my alarm has gone off at 6.15am and I’ve thought “oh dear…”, especially if I know I have an observation or something that day, but the feeling soon goes. I’m not saying all this to be some sort of martyr, it’s just to share how much I’ve tried to live the life of a real teacher for a few weeks. Even now, I haven’t really, as I’m not writing mountains of reports, or completing hours of APP…

I’m also aware there can be quite a romantic view of teaching that simply isn’t always true. But in all the other jobs I’ve had, I haven’t felt the satisfaction I’m feeling now when I go home. I also haven’t felt the exhaustion I’m feeling now, but I guess that just goes with the job!

I’ve been up to so much over the past few weeks that I couldn’t possibly put it all into one post. I plan to share snippets with you as and when I get the chance to post things. One thing I can share now though is that the best way to learn about teaching isn’t through seminars and lectures, it’s to just get out and do it!

Will share some different ideas and experiences I’ve encountered as soon as I can!


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