Prepare to have no life…

Prepare to have no life…

This post comes three weeks into my extremely long summer holiday. Or, as a friend cleverly put it, I’m not “on holiday”, but simply “on hold”. I prefer that term much more. It doesn’t make me feel so lazy!

I’ve already enjoyed an incredibly relaxing, chilled out break to Menorca and now I’m home, I’ve got until the end of September to chill out, mosey around and find things to fill my time. A few months ago when I was on placement I would’ve killed for this, yet now I have it, I want to be back in school! There’s never a happy medium.

Something that often crosses my mind is what sort of work-life balance you can maintain as a teacher. Many of the teachers I have worked with have been amazing; they are so dedicated to their work, yet they still enjoy nights out and go away on the weekends. Either they’ve got serious magical powers, or I’m doing something wrong! On my placement, I had pretty much zero social life, because all my time was spent on anything school related. I wonder whether this is because certain tasks will get easier and quicker the more I do them? Or whether these teachers were just so brilliant at their jobs!?

I can remember discussing about graduating and hunting for jobs with the teacher on my last placement and asking her how she think someone could be the right candidate for the job. Her response was simple: “If they’re not interested in dedicating their whole life to becoming a teacher, then I don’t want to know.”

So what I’d like to ask any teachers or anyone in the industry is, truthfully, what is your work-life balance like? How do you maintain a “life” and still excel in your careers?

In the meantime, I’m going to make the most of my extended “on hold” time, before things go crazy again next term!

PS – I’m also thinking about posting some pictures and stuff about what I get up to in the  to break the pattern of teaching related posts on here!


2 thoughts on “Prepare to have no life…

  1. I think the key ironically is to have a busy life out of school otherwise you can find yourself just dedicating all your time to teaching. So I have an active sub-career as a musician which keeps me busy at weekends. I also play some golf and sail both of which clear my head beautifully.

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