Anyone for a vlog?

Anyone for a vlog?

Hello again! It’s been a while I know. But I’m back at University now, into my second year and I’m starting to get back into the flow of lectures/seminars/typing up notes etc. I’m expecting big things from myself this year, so hopefully I’ll have some exciting stuff to share with you along the way! 🙂

This blog post is going to ask a question – what do you think about vlogging? For anyone who isn’t sure what that is, it is basically the equivalent of a blog, but in either an auditory or visual format, sometimes both. It’s a blog that contains some sort of video content. A lot of vlogs you see online are multi modal, so they’ll incorporate text, video and sound.

I follow a few vlogs on YouTube, purely for entertainment purposes. It’s more interesting, sometimes, to see a face and hear words being spoken, rather than just reading off a screen. It’s got me thinking though, could vlogging be the next step in the classroom, after blogging?

From personal experience, I think schools in general still have a very split view on using blogging in the classroom. One school I worked in felt it was too difficult to set up and implement, whereas another embraced it and had blogs for each class, which were regularly updated. I think the barrier for many schools is also the safeguarding concerns that can potentially arise.

Because of this, I’m sure there are schools that wouldn’t consider vlogging, as there are obviously many potential issues around publicly accessing children on camera. Is there a way though, that children could vlog, whilst still keeping safeguarding issues at a controlled level? I think there definitely is. One idea could be to set up an internal network that is only accessible by staff and maybe parents. Some might argue this defeats the object of vlogging, but children would still be creating something for an audience, however small that may be. I think vlogging could create many learning opportunities for children, including appropriate use of technology, editing films etc..

What do you think about vlogging in the classroom? Have you used it in your classroom, or seen it implemented effectively into the curriculum? Any ideas about controlling the safeguarding issues? Let me know! 🙂


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