Computing really IS ok!

Computing really IS ok!

It’s quite late and to be honest, I’m ready for bed (I know, what a good student I am) but I had to get down a few thoughts from earlier this evening. I received an email last week from my University informing of an event held by Computing at Schools (CAS) at Teign School, near Newton Abbot. Being a Computing specialist I knew it was something I should attend, so two of my coursemates and I travelled up earlier today. (I absolutely loved this, getting the train is still like an absolute adventure to me.)

The main feature of the conference was a talk from Mark Dorling, a CPD coordinator from CAS (amongst other cool computing things) who communicated some really interesting and insightful things around computing, coding and the curriculum. He informed of lots of things I had never come across before and most of which I know are going to be so helpful for me, in future teaching practices and at Uni.

It may sound crazy and /or slightly worrying that, as a Computing specialist, I still feel a great deal of uncertainty and anxiety around teaching and potentially leading this subject. I know I am still in training, but I feel it’s often expected of me to already know a fair amount around the subject and it’s not always the case. I was introduced to the Computing programmes of study at the same time as most teachers, so I’m learning along with everyone else. It was a relief to meet other teachers and educators at the conference and know they feel exactly the same! I can honestly say, spending just a few hours in the CAS conference has helped to relieve some of that anxiety and made me realise that, actually, Computing really is ok! It’s not that I didn’t realise this before, it was more that it was a bit of a “myth”. I’ve seen Maths and English I’m practice, but never Computing, so I felt a bit confused about it all. Whereas now I can actually see myself learning it, teaching it, promoting it and helping others to teach it!

It may seem a bit “defeatist” to blog that I didn’t really feel confident in my own specialist, but it’s simply the truth. We can’t be amazing at everything the first time we’re introduced to it, but I honestly feel like I’ve made a step in the right direction. I would highly recommend a CAS Hub to anyone with anxiety about teaching Computing, or anyone who just wants a bit of inspiration for lessons. They’re held all across the country, (and this one was free to attend!!) so there’s definitely no excuse. The next one at Teign School is currently due to be on Tuesday 3rd February at 4.15pm. 

Im im off to bed now with my pack from tonight as a bit of light nighttime reading 😀


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