2014 as a student…it’s been good!

2014 as a student…it’s been good!

As the end of this year is approaching fast, I thought it was a good time to reflect on my experiences from the past year!

In January I had a truly memorable time when I travelled to London to speak at BETT. It was my first experience of speaking to a large audience and I discovered it was something I really enjoyed! Many times I have performed in front of people; be it in plays, exams or open mic nights, but this was just being me and I assumed this would make it more scary. It was in a way but receiving Tweets after from people saying how much they had enjoyed it and the genuine praise from our lecturers made it all worthwhile. Plus, I wasn’t alone; I was speaking with my good friends and course mates and despite the pressure, we had such a laugh! I can’t wait to do it all again this January…

February saw me back in school again for a week for our Saturation Week placement. Going into school for any purpose and any amount of time is brilliant, as it it’s the main reason why I’m doing this course. Creating a video using iPads was one of the best tasks I could have hoped for at that time and I was surprised at how much of a connection I felt with the children after just one week. Receiving an Outstanding grade also helped towards my sense of achievement!

In April I handed in my final assignment of Year 1, for which I later found out I achieved a First. This meant a lot to me as I had often doubted myself as to whether I was really academic enough to achieve such grades. This proved to me that if I really got my head down I could really do myself justice 🙂

May/June was a turning point for me on the course, as it was my first “proper” placement. I spent 6 weeks in a fantastic school with a brilliant teacher, who really helped me understand what it means to be a teacher. I learnt so much from just watching her teach, her rapport with the children, her planning and just her general attitude towards teaching. She was also proof that if you work really hard then you definitely reap the rewards. If I can be anywhere near as good as her in the future, I’ll be a happy teacher! It was also on this placement that I started to see my personal teaching style emerge and I’m looking forward to my longer placement next year so I can develop this further. It was basically one of the highlights of my course so far.

At the start of July I learnt what it really feels to relax after a lot of hard work on my week long holiday to Menorca! I had an amazing time and I felt like I’d really earned it. By August though I was getting twitchy; I wanted to be back doing things again and longed for the start of Uni!

In September I experienced a momentous occasion in anyone’s life – I moved out! I moved into the City with my best friends and since we’ve had such a laugh. It’s been great being so close to Uni, literally within walking distance, and I’ve found that’s really helped with my studies. Nipping to the library to get a book is so much easier now I don’t have an hour bus ride to contend with!

I was reelected as Course Rep for my specialism in October which I was really happy with and started my Digital Literacy seminars again in November. It felt great to be back with my course mates; I had been separated from them in all my other seminar sessions and as I know how much I can learn when I’m with them, it felt great spending some time with them again, debating and discussing everything and anything.

In December I planned, prepared and presented a lecture to the Year 1 cohort around Ethics and Digital Footprints. The prep was far bigger than I had anticipated but I’m really glad I did it. As well as it being something positive to add to my PDP, I also really enjoyed communicating with other students. I know when I was in Year 1, advice from other students was greatly appreciated and I look forward to hopefully working with them in the future!

And now it’s the 23rd of December and I’m at the end of the first term of Year 2. It’s unbelievable again where the time has gone; I can remember writing a similar post to this one this time last year. One big thing I know that has changed since then is my confidence; becoming a qualified teacher is now closer than it was last year and I feel a whole year more prepared. Hopefully this time next year, I can say the same!

(Warning: the next paragraph is incredibly soppy, so skip it if you hate that sort of thing!)

Another thing that has changed, and this time it’s personal, is the relationship with my Digital Literacy course mates; we support each other through a lot, professionally and personally, and I truly feel my learning and development is in part due to you. Never will I find friends more supportive and amazing as you.

So that’s my memoirs from this year. It’s been a great one and I know next year will be just as fab! It’s scary to think in 2015 I can say “next year, I’ll be a teacher!” Eek!

All that is left to say is to have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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