The A-Z of Internet

The A-Z of Internet

In between our Computing/Digital Literacy modules, we were asked to create an infographic. For anyone unsure, an infographic is “a visual interpretation of information or data” (Wikipedia). It had to include statistics and be about a previous topic of study, or something related to our specialism. I thought for a while about something specific I could focus on, then decided to throw all those thoughts out the window and go as broad as you can; the Internet.

For my infographic I decided on an A-Z style. After a good half an hour thinking for something for every letter (and yes, I had to Google an X and Z) I set about on my mission and below is the end result!

I would like to stress when making this, I used sources of information that might not necessarily be completely reliable. Some statistics may have been correct at the exact time of search, but as we know, the Internet changes constantly, so they may well be outdated already. I’m also not admitting to being some sort of “expert” on the Internet – this was just my attempt at creating a brief insight into the Internet and its “going-ons”. I am also not attempting to steal anyone’s statistics or data, hence why I used references at the bottom. They are also attached at the end of this post, as they are rather small.

After all that, I hope you enjoy my infographic as much as I enjoyed creating it! Let me know what you think…

AZofInternet (1)

Created using Highly recommended if creating your own infographic!








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