A catch up.

A catch up.

So it’s been about a billion years since I last blogged (slight exaggeration, but you get my point). I’ve generally been quite rubbish with regards to reading other blogs and Tweeting too but it’s because I’ve just been SO busy! I’ve had eight assignments to do in the space of two months, alongside reading, seminars and lectures, DTAs, several school visits to teach, a week of placement, fundraising and maintaining a social life! One thing’s for sure, we’re certainly being prepped for our future careers as teachers…

Right now I’m on Easter holidays and I’ve finished all my seminars and lectures for Year 2 which is completely crazy. The next time I’ll be back on campus I’ll be in my THIRD AND FINAL YEAR. Seriously, how has that happened?

Straight after the holidays I’ll be on placement until mid-June, which I’m really looking forward to. I went there for a preliminary week back in February and had a great week, so I’m looking forward to going back and getting stuck in. Knowing I was only there for a week made it a bit difficult as I didn’t want to become too involved with the children, only for them to probably forget me in the gap before I came back. So knowing I’m there a solid eight weeks means I can really get involved. The school is tiny and, at first, I was worried as I know from past experience that I really enjoy working in big, busy schools where there’s lots going on. Just from one week, though, I realised there can still be lots happening in a small school, with the added advantage of working in a small, close-knit team. It was nice to walk into the staff room and meet literally everyone in one go; saves numerous introductions later on!

The school has three classes and I’m placed in a class with children from years 2, 3 and 4 which is quite daunting. The class teacher has worked this way for over a year and it showed; he was so seamless at teaching the three years the same topic, but at different levels. It’s going to be challenging but I’m looking forward to it – I think my differentiation will be on top form after this placement!

I’m also hoping to teach my specialist subject (Computing) some more too. I’ve been looking at some of the Barefoot resources from CAS (link below) to introduce elements of Computing in a less threatening way. Have any of you used these and, if so, were they effective? What other ways have you introduced Compuuting/coding in your classroom? Please share your ideas!

Look out for another post next week!

Kate 🙂

Barefoot Resources: http://barefootcas.org.uk/


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