40 reasons I’m sticking with teaching…

40 reasons I’m sticking with teaching…

While I’d like to say this was my idea, it wasn’t. I’ve magpied the idea off a course-mate (@MegDouglasTeach) because I thought it was lovely 🙂 What with all the negativity around teaching (especially lately, 4000 teachers leaving a year??) I do feel it is important to highlight the positives and enjoyment teaching can bring. Some of you may think of me as naive- I’m really not. In the short amount of time I’ve been in schools, I can already see the stresses, the red tape, the box ticking and the struggles that comes with being a teacher. However, I wouldn’t still be on this course if I really didn’t think I wanted to become a teacher. I want to highlight the things that make so many other people stick with teaching as their lifelong career. Today I started my eight week long placement- that’s 40 days and, hopefully, 40 reasons why I’m sticking with teaching!

1) For the child who came up to me, hugged me and said “I really missed you while you were gone!”

2) For the genuine honesty children have. When discussing the election today and what question they might ask our Prime Minister, one child replied “I think our leader should stop cutting all our pensions and spending money that isn’t for the good of all people.” Here here.

3) When it’s clear that children are becoming more used to you because they’re more willing to ask for help/share their work/tell a joke and you start to feel a connection, after only a few days!

4) For the great variety the job can bring each day. For example, this afternoon I walked 4 miles across beautiful moors, to visit a Hollywood film set and be shown around by the location manager. Not your standard afternoon in school…

5) For the observations you think are going to go badly but actually turn out going really well 🙂

6) When the children express audible excitement at you telling them you are going to be teaching them all week – I think it’s just because I’m a novelty at the minute, but it’s nice all the same.

7) For the genuine good feeling you get when a child finally “gets” something they’ve been struggling with and you can tell how happy they are too!

8) When you introduce something completely new to the children (blogging) and you have no idea how it’s going to go but they’re actually really keen and excited about it.

9) For the fun school trips. Zoo, anyone?

10) For the staff room laughs.

11) For the little presents you receive from the children – today I had a hammer bead star. Very sweet.

12) For the extra curricular activities. Especially ones like cooking which mean you get to eat biscuits.

13) For the staff room laughs.

14) Teaching The Jungle Book song today, I let my class just have a little boogie and they absolutely LOVED it. I loved seeing them just be children for a bit.

15) For PPA time. Yes, you do get a bit of extra help!

16) Bank Holidays – yes, unlike a lot of other professions, teachers are allowed Bank Holidays! (Sorry if this is not the case for your school, but it is for every school I’ve known!)

17) For the feeling after a lesson goes really well. Yes I can do this! It’s a job satisfaction I’ve never felt before!

18) For being able to teach something you are really passionate about and passing this enthusiasm onto your children.

19) For the unexpected more “relaxed” days. Not many jobs can give you a half day when it’s the election! 😉

20) For the extremely random stories children tell you which make you laugh.

21) For never feeling bored!

22) For he feeling that you’ve made a parents’ day by telling them their child has done really well that day.

23) For working with children who really love to learn.

24) Working with like-minded people who share your enthusiasm for learning.

25) For Golden Time – the chance for children to learn that hard work can pay off!

26) For the fact that no day is EVER the same!

27) For the fact that every day is a learning day, even for teachers! Today we had a Bollywood Day and I learnt so much about another culture.

28) For spending all day outside and teaching children valuable life and survival skills.

29) Because some days you can just teach and not worry about observations. These lesson are often the best!

30) For half terms! Having a well earned week off feels even better when you know you’ve really earned it!

31) For sunny days, sat outside, teaching English.

32) For children running up to you, screaming your name, thinking you’re about to told something awful has happened, just for them to tell you a really important piece of information about their new dress, or a new toy they’ve received.

33) In art today the children were creating collages and it allowed me to stand back and watch them interact and socialise. I loved seeing the friendships between the children and the silly little things they sometimes talk about.

34) For being able to feel a real sense of responsibility.

35) For positive chats with parents.

36) For fractions (yes, really), because fractions = chocolate!

37) For stickers with my name on them. Yes, really.

38) For Sports Day outside, in the sun, all day. The children took part in lots of non-traditional activities such as fencing and volleyball and they all really enjoyed it!

39) For the feeling when everything comes together – today we performed the song and dance we had learnt to the school and it went amazingly. I was bursting with pride!!

40) Ultimately, for the incredible relationships formed with staff, students, parents and all members of a school community. Becoming part of this one has been amazing and I feel so lucky to have been a part of it!


6 thoughts on “40 reasons I’m sticking with teaching…

  1. You have inspired me to do the same! Tomorrow begins the last 40 days of our school year. After 21 years of teaching I still want to get up each day and go teach! So in an effort to slog through the mess of stuff that distracts me from my calling, I am going to do 40 Reasons I will return next year to teaching!!!!! Thanks Kate!

    1. Thanks so much for commenting and love that you are also going to do this! I am brand new to teaching so maybe haven’t seen the bad teaching can sometimes see. But for someone like you who I’m sure has, to do this is brilliant. People say we need fresh, new teachers but I think keeping the experienced ones is just as important! I look forward to reading your reasons 🙂

  2. Thanks for this! I agree with many of these points and you have pointed out to me that teaching is not just about lots of paperwork. You have made me realise that I really do want to become a good primary school teacher!

    1. Thanks for commenting! 🙂 I would highly recommend doing this on your placement, even if it’s not published to the public, as it helps you see the good in any day, even when you think it went a bit rubbish (which can happen quite often). Good luck on your practices 🙂

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