Inspiration is something I deem very important in my life. I love being inspired; whether it’s to learn a new song on guitar, write a blog post (this post itself was, infact, inspired by a YouTube video), visit a new place, try a new lipstick, buy new pieces for the flat, cook something different or write a few more pages of the novel (that is currently in its fourth year of being, but that is beside the point). Who inspires me? Musicians, authors, bloggers, vloggers, my family, friends, boyfriend…

Why am I blogging about this? Because I feel that being inspired is something that has really helped me on my teaching journey so far. For those evenings where I’ve just been asked to plan a lesson for the next day and I have literally no idea or experience around the subject/topic area and feel like if I plan something off of just what I know, it’ll be the most dire lesson ever created. (Many times I’ve sat, read back through and screamed “IF I WOULD FALL ASLEEP IN THIS LESSON, WHAT CHANCE DO THE CHILDREN HAVE?!”). I’m sure you’ve been there too many times. (If you have, let me know, so I don’t feel quite so useless).

So with regards to teaching, what are my suggestions for inspiration? First I look right in front of me. Utilise the resources you have around you, including fellow teachers and staff members. As I’m not even qualified yet, everyone I meet in school has more experience than me and this is invaluable. I like to raid their past lesson plans, look at old displays and sit in on as many lessons as possible (all with permission, I’d like to add). This helps me pick up so many tips and tricks, as well as helping me shape my own teaching style.

It’s unsurprising that as a computing specialist I turn to the Internet for inspiration in all areas of life, but also in teaching. In terms of creating my own content, this is something I’m still working on but that doesn’t stop me looking at other content already created. Pintrest is a great site for teaching inspiration, whether that is resources or lesson ideas. (It’s quite addictive so you might have to limit your usage if you actually went to get round to acting on your inspiration.) Another place to search for inspiration is Instagram. This is more up and coming but there is still a plethora of ideas out there, coming from teachers all over the world. I do have my own teacher Instagram account, which I’ll link below. (Just bear in mind that it is a work in progress.) There’s also tons of help and inspiration on Facebook and Twitter if you look hard enough and the power of the Internet means that once you have “followed” or “liked” something, i’ll just pop up intermittently without you even having to search for it!

Another thing I tend to do is to think back to my own experiences from school. What are the lessons that I can still remember and why is this? There’s usually a significant event or happening that made the experience so memorable and I wonder if this is something still relevant today that children might enjoy.

I hope this post might help you in gaining inspiration and who knows, maybe the post itself will inspire you?!

Let me know where your go-to places are for inspiration!

Kate 🙂





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