Summer Musings

Summer Musings


It’s been a very, very, VERY long time since I last wrote a blog post on here. I finished my placement in mid-June and since then I’ve been pretty much just working in my summer job. (Being a checkout girl is a lot less stimulating than being on placement, but it earns me some pennies!)

My placement was incredible. I won’t go into it too much, as a lot of it has been said in my previous, ongoing blog post (link down below). My 40 reasons I’m sticking with teaching was great fun to complete and I received some really positive feedback. I hope it’ll make others realise the good that is still to be found in teaching – I know it is definitely something I will be looking back on in the tough times ahead!

My end of placement report from my class teacher and tutor were amazing. I was so lucky to have them both to rely on for support and advice. My overall grade was a Level 2 or ‘Good’ which I was over the moon with. I feel like it stands me in good stead for next year, where I can hopefully move onto areas of outstanding!

Other achievements from last year come from the academic side of my degree. I received a letter a few weeks back saying that I had achieved within the top 6% of the faculty which was completely unexpected! It made all the hard work seem worth it; the stresses, the tears, the late night library finishes, the hours poring over the same paragraph wondering if it would ever read right, the disappointments and the procrastination. Additionally, it has made me more determined than ever to do myself justice and put absolutely everything I have into next year, to make sure I get the grade I really deserve.

My letter…eek!

I guess I can now say I am a third year which is crazy – I’m going into my final year of University!!! 



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