If meta-cognition refers to thinking about thinking, would it be fair to suggest that blogging about blogging could be meta-blognition? 

I think we should all start using that phrase!

It’s a very dark (already at 5pm, madness!), very cold (I’ve just succumbed to putting the heating on for the first time this Autumn) late October evening and time is marching on. Yet again, I’ve gone an inexcusable amount of time without blogging, although, as always, I’ll now attempt to excuse myself. I’ve just been really busy. Not necessarily with timetabled lectures and seminars, although we’ve had a fair few. Third year, I’ve discovered, is more about the self-teaching, the minimal guidance which informs and refines your own thinking; self discovery, learning what intrigues you the most and reading into everything and anything. This is what takes up the time. It’s not “harder” than last year, in the sense of the actual work or workload. It’s harder in the sense you really need to have the motivation and drive to do something that is really quite open ended. I’m glad to say, despite the expected hiccups, I think I’m doing OK so far…

I’m currently working on my research proposal which, whilst I don’t want to go too much into it as it is still very much a work in progress, will centre around blogging; more specifically, blogging in the classroom. It seemed almost matter-of-fact that my dissertation would focus somewhat in the realms of blogging, because it is the element of computing which I have become most attached to and interested in during my time at university.

I spend lots of time thinking about what I could blog, drafting it, editing it and sharing it, but it’s not often I consider why it is something I have grown quite a fondness of. What is it that, through all the busy times has actually encouraged me to upload something every once in a while? I love blogging as a form of reflection, a way of collecting my thoughts after partaking in a specific activity, or even just to unload some of the many thoughts jumbled in my mind. I like sharing ideas with potential audiences, be it advice on things I have done or just telling people what I have been up to. It has been argued that the main purpose of blogging is to share and connect with other people, however sometimes I don’t write for an audience. Sometimes, I just write for me. Despite that going against lots of theories and beliefs, I still admit that. 

That’s about it; just a quick, chatty blog about blogging on a brief break from reading. I wonder, if there was a questionnaire sent out to every single person who blogs asking them if they blog for themselves or for other people, what the answer would be? I know mine would be a mixture of both.


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