A long placement with an outstanding result

A long placement with an outstanding result


So. Yesterday something quite exciting happened. I finished my last ever placement!

It was such an emotional day for the obvious reasons – leaving children that I have worked with for twelve long weeks and who are my last class before I have one of my own. But I felt completely overwhelmed for other reasons too.

It was a long, tough twelve weeks. I would go as far as saying it was one of the toughest experiences of my life so far. The travelling was a main contributor towards this – the second half of the term wasn’t quite so bad but the atrocious weather through January and February made getting to and from school an even more arduous task. There were many mornings when I sat on a train that was already delayed, in the middle of the Devonshire countryside, staring out of pitch black windows, clothes soaked from the walk to the station, shoulders in agony from carrying thirty books and eyes sore with tiredness that I thought: “I just can’t do this.” There were days when I was in school and had just had the worst lesson, or been told that what I had planned wasn’t suitable (at the last minute) and, again, thought “I just can’t do this.” So many nights I went home and worked straight through until gone 10pm, stopping only for twenty minutes to eat, struggling to put together lesson plans which were differentiated and personalised for each child whilst still being in some way exciting that I thought “I just can’t do this.”

However, I did do it. And I am very excited to say that I finished the placement being graded as an outstanding teacher. That means the world to me.

I’m not going to get complacent though. Just because I have been graded as outstanding now, doesn’t mean I am not going to work as hard as possible to keep it that way. And I’m aware that outstanding as an NQT is going to be harder to achieve than as a student. However, I cannot take away the fact that it is an amazing achievement and I am incredibly proud of what I have achieved.

In the future I may write another post on some of the more in depth experiences I encountered on my placement but for now I am going to leave it here. I wanted to touch base and explain why I have been so quiet for the past few months but also to share the positive outcome.

Despite the stress and exhaustion of the past 12 weeks I cannot wait to start teaching in September and have my own class! I am looking forward to going into a class and staying there, as opposed to my placements where I have become comfortable somewhere and then had to leave. I am very excited for what the future holds for me, career-wise.

Now onwards to hopefully find a job!


4 thoughts on “A long placement with an outstanding result

  1. Such an amazing achievement Kate; you should be really proud of yourself. I have no doubt that your outstanding accolade will carry on through the NQT year and many years after that.

    Please make time to reflect on your NQT year. For me, your blog provided insight and inspiration. Hopefully in a years time I’ll be an outstanding teacher too 😃

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