…another door opens!

…another door opens!



So, now my weepy post about finishing University is over, I feel I can share the most exciting news. After so long training to be a teacher, everything has paid off and I HAVE A JOB!!!!! (Sorry Nick Gibb, got a bit over-excited with the exclamation marks).

Just after placement finished, my course-mates started getting jobs. Even during placement back in February I was hearing of people getting jobs. Basically, it felt like everyone but ME was getting a job. I know, I know. You should never worry about what other people are doing. But it was so hard logging on to Facebook and seeing the compulsory “I’ve got a job!” statuses and not even having an interview of my own, especially when it was everything I wanted.

I had written my personal statement, which I feel is one of the most important things on an application form. I’d had it checked by several people, including family and teachers to get a rounded view and they all loved it. Yet, I still received several rejections, without being offered an interview. It was SO disheartening.

I went to view several schools and had mixed feelings about them. However, there was one school in particular that I loved beyond all the others. Even before I had started the course, I knew I wanted to work there. I had been there a few times on work experience before my course started and knew that I would love to work there. Over the years on my course I have seen job vacancies come up there and wished so much that I was a final year so I could apply. So obviously, I was delighted when a vacancy came up in April!

And I was more delighted when I was offered the job! I am going to be an NQT in September in my dream school! The feeling when I was told is something I may not feel again and it still feels surreal. At last, I can do my dream job.

I don’t yet know my year group, but next month I will be attending a transition day where I can meet my class and parents. Even typing that feels weird but I cannot wait to do the job I have waited so long to do.

Whilst this may officially signal the end of an era and the beginning of something new and exciting, it doesn’t mean I will stop blogging. Whilst I won’t be necessarily be sharing intricate details, as I am aware of confidentiality and boundaries, I really want to continue, as the name of my blog is “From Campus to Classroom” so I can’t stop now!

See you in the classroom!


2 thoughts on “…another door opens!

  1. Well done! I can only imagine the sure anguish you went through seeing everyone succeeding and rightfully gloating. Though, I had no doubt that you would find a job in time for September. All the hard work has paid off and your dream school too, brilliant.

    Enjoy the next few months… Do keep blogging when the time fits as I’ve enjoyed following your journey.

    Wishing you all the best in your NQT year! X

    1. Thanks Claire! I’ve loved blogging too, although I must admit I have struggled at times to find the spare time! Also thanks on the job, I still can’t believe it as you can probably gather from the post. It’ll be you this time next year! xx

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