As one door closes…

As one door closes…



Exactly three years and fifteen days ago from today, I wrote my first blog post titled “The First Post is the Shortest.” It explained how I was starting a BEd Primary that September and wanted to become familiar with as many aspects of online interaction as possible.

Three years and fifteen days on from that post, I am sitting here the day after my final ever lecture at University. It is completely incomprehensible how fast that time has gone and that I am no longer a student (well, in the University sense).

Since finishing my placement at Easter, everything has been a whirlwind. I have written my dissertation and a second 5,000 word assignment which has taken up my life. The last few weeks involved long stints in the library, all of us sat together on a massive table eating copious amounts of junk food, piling up books and having several breakdowns together, going home to sleep and then getting up and doing it all again. And yet, we made it!

I’ve had the best three years and I could write an extremely long post about it but it would be too long. The main thing I want to say is thank-you to everyone who helped me get to this point. My boyfriend Mike, who has put up with insane amounts of breakdowns and upset and helped me through. All my family who have supported me from the start and always been on hand with advice. The University tutors who have offered opportunities and help. And my course-mates, particularly my digital literacy group. I love you all and i am so sad that our time at University is over. You’ve made the past three years the best I’ve ever had ❤

Goodbye Uni, it’s been incredible.

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