Transition Day Ideas

Transition Day Ideas

It’s approaching the end of the summer term and schools are having their transition, or “meet the teacher”, days. For those of you who are unsure what these are, it involves classes spending time, sometimes just half the day but often the whole day, with their teacher for the following academic year, usually in their new classroom. Not only is this useful for the children but is extremely useful for the teacher, especially for me! As an NQT I am not only new to having my own class all to myself, but also new to the school so it was a valuable opportunity to get a taste of school routines and meet my children; the awkward first meeting will be eliminated on my real first day in September!

I’ve noticed on Twitter over the past few weeks that many teachers have been asking for activity ideas for transition days, so I thought I would share the activities we did. These are for Year 4 but could easily be tailored for other year groups. For maths and English we included WALTs and WILFs as you would a standard lesson, but didn’t implement these as heavily as usual, as we obviously weren’t assessing!


We decided to go with shape and made 2D and 3D shapes out of marshmallows and raw spaghetti! We talked a little about properties of shapes and used technical vocabulary so there was definitely some more “official” learning going on, however it was just great to see the children make the shapes and explore. I was super impressed with their knowledge too – we had pentagonal prisms and all sorts! Having the option of 2D and 3D shapes offers differentiation too.



picture from :


We wanted to get to know our children so we decided to write acrostic poems using their first names. This involved them writing sentences about themselves first and turning these into the acrostic poems. To make it more tricky we challenged them to use adjectives, adverbs and similes to describe themselves. They wrote the draft of their poems in the morning and ‘published’ them in the afternoon.

Other activities:

As all Year 4 classes are named after rivers, we made origami boats which the children wrote our class name on and decorated. They’ll look great on display on a little river 🙂

Our first topic in September is to do with food and healthy eating, so we spent much of the afternoon collaging fruit and vegetables! We printed pictures of various fruit and veg onto A3 and the children scrunched up tissue paper and stuck it over the top. It may sound strange but they looked AMAZING. I wish I’d taken a picture to put on here but they looked so effective and will look great on display/hanging from the ceiling.

As well as these activities, we had some circle time where I found out a little more about me and they asked me questions about myself (“what’s your age?” was inevitable) and about Year 4. They also chose a story for us to read at the start of term (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, if you’re interested.)

That’s about it! Hope there are some ideas here which may be of some use to you and, as I said before, they can be tailored to pretty much all ages. They were lovely activities which were fun, interesting and maximised opportunities for me to chat to my children. Parents came in in the afternoon but with the help of my TA I was able to talk to them as well.

Hope your transition days go well!

Miss Bartlett 🙂


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