Pre-birthday thoughts

Pre-birthday thoughts

It’s my birthday tomorrow. I’m turning 23. Whilst I’m aware that this isn’t “old” (despite some cries of despair about how old I am getting), it definitely feels like a bit of a turning point. I will, effectively, be closer to my mid-twenties than when I first entered my twenties. Turning 16 feels like only last year, and yet I am now the same distance away from that as I am from turning 30.

The scariest part of it isn’t the number. It’s just, when you are a teenager growing up, you feel invicinble. You WANT time to go more quickly, you WANT to grow up and be older. Yet it never feels like it’s happening fast enough. I guess we’re all waiting for that momentous 18th birthday where we can truly adult and be mature (or so we think). Once the 18th comes and goes, we live with the novelty of increased responsibility for a few years. 21 arrives, as momentous as 18, then it leaves. Then 22 comes and it’s just as exciting (mainly because you can sing along to that Taylor Swift song in a club really loudly, feeling you can really relate, even if you’ve never actually eaten breakfast at midnight. Check out the song, if you’re confused). But now the novelty years have passed, I’ve ended up here and I’m still getting older. It hasn’t stopped. And yet, I’m OK with it. I’m actually really excited about.

One of the main things I’ve learned about growing older, is how we change. I read a blog post about this earlier by a lady called Emma Gannon (linked below) and it got me thinking. Change usually carries negative connotations. The thought of a person “changing” is seen as wrong. Yet, how many people can say they are the same person they were three, four, five years ago? Am I the same person I was all those years ago? I would like to not think so. Not because I was a bad person, but just because I have developed over time and changed in a way I feel is positive. Basically, I have grown.

 Sometimes, you changing can mean other things around you changing also. Your attitudes, opinions, friendships, careers and general outlook on life. We all move on- it doesn’t negate anything we’ve done before. It’s just a natural part of life. Sometimes, we have no choice but to move on – we are forced to. But that’s OK too. At times, things we had our reservations about but were too scared to act upon, force us into making the decision anyway.  They actually do us a favour. Sometimes you just outgrow things – situations, jobs and friends.

I know this post hasn’t talked about education specifically and it usually does, but I just fancied doing a different type of post today. It can still relate to teaching – how many of you can say you’re the same teacher you were three years ago? I’m sure the majority of people would say no.

Thanks for reading and remember – change isn’t always bad!

Oh, and happy birthday to me for tomorrow ☺️🎂🎉

Emma Gannon blog post:


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