The end of an era – and the start of a brand new one

The end of an era – and the start of a brand new one

In two days, I start the first day of the rest of my life. I start my teaching career: something I’ve waited so long for, has sometimes felt out of my reach, has often felt like it would never arrive. But it has and I am unbelievably excited. A little anxious also, as is to be expected, but the excitement far, far outweighs that!

I have two INSET days and then the children arrive on Wednesday. I’ve spent so much time over the summer preparing my classroom. When I moved in, it was completely blank as the teacher who had it before moved classrooms. This meant I had to start from scratch but I think I can finally say I’m happy with it. I’m sure it will change and develop alongside the altering needs of the children and myself.

Also, I have had the BEST summer. I had lots of people judging me for not working over the summer, saying I would be bored, that I wouldn’t be earning money, that it was lazy. Do you know what, yes I’m financially a little (A LOT) down, but I know that by the end of this month I will be earning a regular income. Yeah, the extra money may have been nice, but I wouldn’t have had much time to enjoy it, as I’d be too busy WORKING. This way, I’ve had a LOT of time to spend with family, see friends, read books I haven’t had the chance to previously, watch Wimbledon, the Olympics and the Euros in their entirety (SO good), spend lots of time in my classroom, have extra time to prepare, and just RELAX. I don’t regret it one bit. You can always get more money, but you cannot get more time…


I’m not sure how much I am going to be able blog in the future- it’s something I have loved doing and I do find it incredibly useful so it’s something I really want to continue. I just don’t want to place pressure on myself, thinking I need to blog once a week, twice a week, twice a month…I think I will simply blog when I really feel I have the time and have something worthwhile to share, not because I feel guilty that I haven’t posted in a long time. This may start out quite regular and decrease as the workload increases. I’m not sure – will just have to play it by here!

I’m also thinking about changing the tag line and name of my blog, as technically I’m no longer going from “campus to classroom” – it’s all classroom! Suggestions welcome!

So I think thats about it. I want to say thank you to all who have read, commented on, shared, retweeted and inspired my blog throughout this journey. Reading it back details a true journey and I’m glad I’ve left this online diary and I’m looking forward to adding to it! It may be the end of an era but it’s also the start of a brand new one.

Here’s some pictures from my summer holiday – I want to remember the last ever summer of freedom I had! Also, I think the highlight of this summer has to be getting engaged 💍☺️❤️


Good luck everyone for the new academic year and in whatever you do. Kate x




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