10 times Friends perfectly reflected life as a teacher.

10 times Friends perfectly reflected life as a teacher.

I’m going to leave out the standard spiel about how it’s been ages since I last blogged – we all know that. I still want to keep blogging something which is completely un-forced and this morning I woke up with an urge to get back online and post something. It took a while to think of something but at the time I was watching one of my favourite TV shows and thought: why not? So here it is. 10 times Friends perfectly, and unknowingly, reflected life as a teacher. Just for fun. Enjoy!


  1. The end-of-holiday denial.








What do you mean we go back tomorrow? No we don’t?! Don’t be so ridiculous! We’ve only been off for a few days, surely?!

2. We were on a break…


giphy (1)

No, I haven’t done all my planning. Or my assessment. My data? Not quite. And no I haven’t thought ahead the next two terms. Nor are my displays done. IT WAS THE HOLIDAYS!

3. Getting into work and finding out you’re TA-less.

giphy (3)

Your TA is so amazing, they’re quite often called away to cover classes/lead extra intervention. Great for those other children. Sucks for you without your partner in crime 😦

4. Sorting out your squat of a stock cupboard. 

giphy (4).gif

At least you tried? Back it all goes for another term.

5. Stress.

giphy (5).gif

There’s no milk in the staff room. Left your badge at home. Computer wouldn’t switch on. To top it all off, the photocopier jams after waiting in the queue for ten minutes. Your. Life. Is. Stress.

6. The ongoing battle to improve your class’ presentation and general tidiness. 

giphy (2)

Underline. Yes, with a ruler, not your finger (actually happened). No, please don’t roll your book up. Don’t scribble on the front of your book. Don’t leave the lid off the glue. Please be careful with the display boards that you don’t rip the borders. Please don’t draw on the table…etc, etc, etc.

7. French.

giphy (6).gif

We try our best and the children learn. But I can’t feeling like this sometimes.

8. Your militant time management. All. The. Time.

giphy (7).gif

I’ve got exactly 38 minutes until lunch is over. That’s 20 minutes to mark, 10 minutes to prep for this afternoon. 5 minutes to eat and 3 minutes to wee. Sorted.

9. Repeating yourself. Again and again and again…

giphy (8).gif

Yes, it is the long date. Like it is every day for English. Yes, it needs to be underlined. No, we’re not doing PE today, I said that at the start of the day. Yes, you need to have started by now…

10. The “we made it!” feeling you share with your colleagues.

giphy (9).gif

Whether it’s the end of the day, end of a long week or the end of term – you made it and you made it together. (Relatively) unscathed, children happy. Best. Feeling.

There are so many more – maybe a Part 2 is in order? Hope you’re all doing well going into the last term! Where did that time go?!

Kate xx


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