Day Two of the holidays: still can’t believe my first year of teaching is over (probably because I just spent the whole day moving classrooms, ha!).

I am now a RQT. A recently qualified teacher. I PASSED MY NQT YEAR!!!

Safe to say, it was certainly the hardest year of my life, in many ways. Not just the pressures of a new job (which as you will know if you teach, are EXTREMELY pressuring) but I also had to deal with some pretty life changing events in my personal life and battle some demons. It’s been incredibly tough and there were so many days where I didn’t think I could get through. I definitely thought there was no way I could complete the year, keep up with the demands of the job, get all my books marked, actually help these children achieve. But they have: they’ve all grown in various ways and I couldn’t be any prouder of my children. I feel very blessed to have had them as my first class and I will miss them dearly.

I feel like there are lots of posts out there giving advice on your NQT year but I don’t want this to be one of those. ( I may put out a request for any questions about NQT years on Twitter soon and write one). This is more a reflection for me and trying to come to terms with everything that has happened. It’s quite overwhelming to sit back and think about it.

There is no doubt in my mind that I would not have got through my NQT year without the support of many amazing, selfless people. My family have been amazing, helping not only with advice but with cutting out lettering, proof-reading reports and all the other random things a teacher needs help with. LF, my year group leader, has been a constant pillar of support even when things have been extremely tricky in her own life. VM has brought so much laughter and fun to my year, always lightening the mood and putting things into perspective. KR has been a steady source of advice and wisdom and I’ve learnt a lot teaching alongside her. My TA has saved me in countless ways and I certainly would not have made it through the year without her and her organisational, Mummy ways. NL has been a source of laughs and distraction (good ones). TJ has changed my life in many ways and given me a whole new outlook on things. I definitely would not have survived this year without him.

I feel positive about next year. I know it is still going to be very difficult – new class, more children, greater responsibility and new challenges. But this year has been extremely tough and yet, when I look back I don’t necessarily remember the late nights marking until 11pm, or the meltdowns over planning or the stress of getting children to expected level, nor the worry about your children’s personal situations. What I do remember is the funny moments with my children, the times I got up on the desk and danced around (don’t tell Health and Safety), the times I laughed until it hurt with my colleagues: mainly though, the times when I just knew everyone was there for me, no matter what. I’m looking forward to making more of these memories next year.

For now – sleep!



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