Quickie Update. 

Quickie Update. 

TGIHT (that stands for Thank God it’s half term, by the way).

Yes, we made it and it does feel a slight relief. The first half term has been tough but the initial difficulties are over and I’m really starting to settle with my class. I plan to blog a couple of times over the holiday so won’t go into detail now – just know I’m here and I’m hanging on in there! 

I do have to say that I’m overwhelmed by the response to my last blog post about mental health (check it out if you haven’t already). It was my highest viewed post and I’m so glad because it is SUCH an important topic. I received so many messages of support and agreement and it was just really great. So thank you 🙂 

I’m off for now but just wanted to say well done for making it. Holidays have been the toughest times for me in the past (see last post to know why) but I’m really trying to shift my mindset and stay positive, spending the time to do things that I enjoy and help me as a person. Go me!

Speak to you soon!
Kate xx


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