School Holidays…or Working From Home?

School Holidays…or Working From Home?

A point of conversation among many people when discussing teaching is the amount of holiday we receive. Of course, compared to other jobs I’ve worked where I was given 28 days annual leave (of which I was forced to spend on Bank Holidays too) it is a generous amount. But how do you spend your school holidays? Are they used for re-generating and relaxing, or do you see them as a chance to work-from-home, or simply catch-up on things you otherwise wouldn’t have time to do in term-time?

My Easter holidays are coming to an end and they have gone crazy fast. I’ve probably worked about eight hours in total so far, from the comfort of my sofa. Mainly planning for the term ahead, a little display research, some assessment. I popped into school for literally two minutes to pick up some paper-work left behind that I needed. To be honest, I have thought about work a fair bit, Pinteresting ideas for the classroom. But, other than that, I have done nothing.

When I’d popped into work a few days before, I had a quick glance at the signing-in book and some of my colleagues had been in several days straight, for several hours. As a result, this morning, the teacher guilt was starting to creep in. Should I go into work today? I wasn’t even entirely sure what for. Maybe jazz up a display? Tidy up even more? Get ahead on some resources for several weeks’ time? I thought about it…and eventually decided not to. This is my holiday, I work hard enough in term-time to earn it. I knew that all my books were marked and up to date and the first two weeks were planned. I had displays up and the classroom was tidy. I didn’t need to go in and do extra work. Instead, I spent some time walking around one of my favourite places, trying out my new camera, drinking tea and relaxing. It felt much more holiday-like 🙂

What are your thoughts? Should teacher guilt be a thing? How much of the holidays should be your own? I’d love to know your honest opinions!



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