My name is Kate.

I left school after completing A Levels. I applied for University because I was told in 6th Form that this was the only way forward and that I wouldn’t succeed in life if I didn’t do this. I was only 17 at the time and in my eyes I wasn’t ready for something that required such a massive commitment. Despite feeling hesitant I applied for the only thing I knew I would ever want to do as a lifetime career; teaching.

I found myself attending interviews for University giving it all I had; but inside I was thinking “I hope I don’t get in.” This rang alarm bells for me, and I ended up making a huge decision and declining my offers when they came through.

I wasn’t really sure where my life was going. I just knew I wanted a break from education. A Levels had been intense, especially after Performance Studies; you’ll never feel more judged on your ability in an exam than when it’s based on an actual performance. You’re in full view and even the slightest mistake will be aired to all. And there’s nowhere to run when you make it.

I ended up applying for an apprenticeship in Business and Administration with a fostering company, which I got. This was my first experience of a 9 to 5 job and I really learnt some valuable life lessons. Despite the fact it was often repetitive, I met some truly amazing people, people who were so well trained in their field and were so passionate about the jobs they were doing. I remember toying with the idea of social work, and ended up after 10 months of thought knowing my path was going to lead me back to teaching. Office work was ok, but I couldn’t ever imagine 10 years down the line being passionate and inspired at coming into work. I knew the only way this would happen would be to push and apply myself like I knew I was capable of doing.

Unfortunately by this time I had missed the 2012/13 deadline to apply. At the end of my year’s apprenticeship I ended up working for a childcare company doing administration, and then completley changing tack and started working for a major high street retailer, which has brought us up to now. I can’t deny that spending time out in the working world has taught me so many life lessons, all of which I feel have better equipped and prepared me for university, but I am so excited to get back into education and start doing something I know will inspire and excite me every day.

Roll on September!!


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