Hello September.

Hello September.

I thought I’d write a quick post, seeing as tomorrow it’s BACK TO SCHOOL!

(So strange how, even as a 24 year old woman and professional, I call it back to school rather than work. Anyone else?) Five and a half weeks have passed and September is here. It’s rather aptly pouring with rain outside and it’s like a scene from “Gorillas in the Mist.” I’ve got my cinnamon candle burning, jumper on and fairy lights twinkling and it does feel very “back to school” and autumnal. Cosy.

I’ve had a busy summer – there have been very few days where I haven’t had some sort of plan and that’s the way I like it. I’ve caught up with old friends, continued seeing newer ones, visited lots of places in my lovely little car. I’ve found some new passions (new National Trust member over here!) and continued to develop old ones. I’ve written LOTS: songs, poetry, stories. I’ve played a lot of guitar, which is one of my biggest enjoyments. I started a bullet journal (the latest entry is actually the featured image for this blog). I’ve explored lots of old houses and immersed myself in history. I’ve eaten a LOT – many trips to restaurants and cafes with friends, lots of baking, LOTS of Indian takeaway (oops). I’ve done much more yoga and mediation and reaped the benefits, however short-term. I’ve drunk a lot of green tea (and quite a bit of wine). I’ve spent time with my family. I’ve spent rather a lot of money (oops again). I’ve watched copious hours of Star Wars films with my brother.

When I think about it I have done a LOT. I’m writing this to remind myself of that because, it’s easy to remember the slightly less positive moments and feel sad that that was my summer. But it wasn’t – I did so much! I’m so glad I filled my summer holidays with lots of fun things. I am looking forward to going back to work though – starting with a new class of cherubs, seeing my work family again who I love so much and generally getting back my routine!

I hope you all had wonderful summers and filled them with your passions and things you love. Good luck starting back and stay strong – you are all amazing!

Lots of Love,

Kate xo



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